Excel For Hire's objective is to help you use Excel productively. If you are looking to improve your Excel skills,  need to have an entire application built, or just have a short one-hour project, then Excel For Hire can help you.

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Save time and money.  Collaborate remotely with Excel For Hire for training or projects.    As Excel has evolved so have its capabilities and complexity. It is also one of the most commonly required skills in today's workforce.  Knowing how to use it effectively and efficiently can give you the edge.  Excel For Hire can work with you to improve your Excel skills.

Hot Topics:
• Pivot Tables
• Lookups
• Macros
Excel databases

Common Application Requests:

Time tracking applications

Combine downloaded Excel or csv data files into one common Excel database and run reports from the combined data

Compare multiple lists or download files and identify the differences or similarities

Create a tracking system with maintenance screens and reporting capabilities for categories such as customers, inventory, invoices, etc.

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Excel versions currently supported by Excel For Hire:

  Excel 2013

•  Excel 2010

•  Excel 2007

•  Excel 2003

 Excel for Mac Is Not supported at this time.


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Pivot Tables

Many Excel users are still unaware of pivot tables, perhaps Excel's most powerful feature, but yet its most under-utilized. And using pivot tables requires very minimal Excel knowledge. But the power and flexibility they give you will pay you back many times over.  Excel For Hire can teach you pivot tables basics in one online session.  

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